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Kingdom of God

National Bankruptcy

The United States government has defaulted on its agreement with the gods and is currently in bankruptcy.  The international creditors want to foreclose on the American people and their property (soil) but the politicians don’t want you to know about it.  They want the union separated into independent commercial nation-states.  They already know the fiat cash holds no real/true value since there is nothing backing it except for false promises from corrupted officials (treasurers).  

They are turning over all aspects of the sovereign states’ governments into the hands of private corporations which they secretly own through shell companies.

You can only escape from their commercial prisons through your own true and real state of being where you hold title and authority to master oneself.  

So, if you love the master that much then be the best servant possible, but if not We are here to redeem/save/rescue you from illegal slavery.  

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