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Title:  God’s Point of View 

(Re.: Independence Day Celebration – 2016)

Law is written in black ink on white paper to reveal the characteristics of Love.  So while men may use the “color of law” to steal away the god given [inalienable] rights of other men, they cannot steal it from God who wrote and gave it to them for all to see, witness and understand His story behind Truth.  

If the Hi-story of America stands upon the Word of God (Bible), then now is when We shall prove/reprove/approve/disapprove her (America) point because We (Sovereign) gave it to her.  Power is what the People holds and Authority is what God holds.  God gives the Word and great are they who publish it.  Lies are temporary so they must come to an end.  We are the Master over Our Word, and whenever/however it is spent, it shall not return void.  It’s a Promise: a signed open check to be paid in full for whatever to whoever, whenever, by the Creator of this Universe.  Those of and in good Faith are credited with righteousness to speak/spend the Word in order to release the power thereof to get/receive what is believed/hoped for.

If Our Word is not from the universal Creator, then it’s Our own and We are not ‘God’ with respect to the LORD as We say.  So, let every man be a liar and God truth.  We raised Our flag on the 4th of July and declared Ourselves independent of the United States just as they did in 1776 in order to separate nations.  We won the Most Precious in all the races of man and shall have the honor thereof to celebrate Our victory.

Since We master the black on white, [then] We own the World.  Now with Ai, re-imagine the things We can do with & in color?  Anyway they flip or twist it, We are able to catch them now with technology.  So…

What’s the Charge?

What’s the Verdict?


What’s the penalty?

The golden dollar,,,


To put the broken King back together rightfully on the Throne over His own People who are within themselves sovereign…  They swore oath so God can remove (take them out) anytime since he dwells within as well.

Deep calleth unto deep;  Deep cries out unto deep;  or vise-versa.  This is the principle of true democracy.  If God is not with America then she will fall.  If God is with America, she will stand.

Malchizedek has passed Judgement!



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